What is about

ANTI THEFT CAR SERVER is an andoid application that transforms any phone that runs android 2.2 or higher to a gps car alarm system.

Just hide any phone that runs this application in your car and you will have a device that can inform you any time for the location of your car!.
















That is how it works:

You send sms text to the phone that runs ANTI THEFT CAR SERVER with this body: sendposition#test# where test is a custom password and it will send you back an sms that contains a google map link with the last known position.








Additional functions are:

Motion detection: If a vibration on your car is occured then application send sms to inform you.

Auto Position: Application can send you an sms every n seconds a link with the last known position of your car.

Battery level low: Application will send you an sms to inform you that the battery is low.

Crash SOS sms: Application will send an sms message to a number you have defined on emergency situation like a crash. (When g meter reads more than a defined value)

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This application does all the work for you.

This application works with ANTI THEFT CAR SERVER application which is an application that makes your old android phone or newer phone an anti theft car system by sending you its gps position on demand with an sms message.

It is comblicated and slow to send sms message commands so this application makes your life easier.

With this application you don’t have to write sms text all the time.
This application has a google map interface and buttons that send sms for you to the ANTI THEFT CAR  SERVER.
Every button is defined to send sms message command so you don’t have to writed.
Just go to settings change server phone number set a a password and you are ready to go.go.









Google Play store page